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Respiratory disorders

Adenoids:- is the name given to a lump of lymphoid tissue that sits between the tonsils, higher up in the back of the mouth. Adenoids trap germs that enter the body through the nose.This tissue cannot be seen without special instruments or x-rays, since it is hidden behind the roof of the mouth. It is located right behind the nose and if it is large enough, it can block air from flowing through the nose.

Sore throat:- is discomfort, pain, or scratchiness in the throat. A sore throat often makes it painful to swallow. Like colds, the vast majority of sore throats are caused by viral infections. This meansmost sore throats will NOT respond to antibiotics. Many people have a mild sore throat at the beginning of every cold. When the nose or sinuses become infected, drainage can run down the back of the throat and irritate it, especially at night. Or, the throat itself can be infected.

Tonsillitis:-The tonsils are lymph nodes in the back of the mouth and top of the throat. They normally help to filter out bacteria and other microorganisms to prevent infection in the body. They may become so overwhelmed by bacterial or viral infection that they swell and become inflamed, causing tonsillitis. The infection may also be present in the throat and surrounding areas, causing pharyngitis.Tonsillitis is extremely common, particularly in children.

Pneumonia:- a functional disorder of lungs due to exposure to cold that causes inflammation of lungs by attracting micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites and resultantly the alveoli becomes filled with fluids causing breathing difficulty.

Asthma:- an idiosyncratic reaction of a biological assay that causes swelling of respiratory passages and results in breathing difficulty.

Croup:- an idiosyncratic health condition resulting in swelling of upper respiratory canal, mostly around vocal chords and causing "barking cough". It is common in children and may also arise due to reflex from digestive disorders. Bronchiolitis; Swelling and inflammation of Bronchioles of the lungs could be from several causes of exposures to acidic gasses or might be allergic in nature, causes difficulty in breathing and may further aggravate to broncho-pneumonia where multiple places in lungs gets consolidated causing breathing difficulty. Insecticides sprays has a role to play, especially note that when mosquitoes are more in a season, there are more cases of bronchiolitis than malaria in cities.

COPD:- The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, as in smokers' lungs, destruction of lungs due to prolonged exposure to fumes or smoke or caused by chronic bronchitis with history of long term cough and mucus.

Role of Homeopathy:- With the above mentioned first few lung conditions in mind, we the homeopaths can carry out very effective remedial treatments.



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